DPISD MarketingClyde Abshier Stadium has been one of the premier high school athletic facilities in our area for over fifty years.  Over the last decade, it has seen numerous improvements and upgrades – including the installation of an advanced video scoreboard in 2015.  One feature of this scoreboard system is the expanding advertising opportunities and partnerships available to our local business and corporations.

As a potential sponsor, you might be interested to know that Abshier Stadium is not only home to our Fighting Deer Football Team, but it is also widely used by our schools and students as well as the community at large.  In addition to the football games, we host soccer, band, cheerleading, TIFI football, graduation exercises, multi-sport playoff games and other community events – well over 700 events each year (this includes practices, weekend community events and many more).  In addition to these many activities, the Broadcast Journalism and Sports Broadcasting classes at Deer Park High School utilize the scoreboard as a teaching and learning tool.  These students are interested in pursuing a career in the field of television and media production.  Our facility and new scoreboard will touch thousands of students and hundreds of parents and community members while highlighting our partners to thousands more via integrated cross-media advertising platforms each year.

We have a variety of options with a wide range of features for you to look at and hope you will
consider a partnership with Deer Park Schools as we continue utilizing our exciting technologically advanced scoreboard.

DPISD Scoreboard dimensionsAdvanced Video Scoreboard Dimensions

DPISD Marketing Animation ExampleExample of Instant Replay Sponsor with Logo Reveal

Neptune Gametime Logo
Music during athletic events is provided by Neptune Gametime.
All music is triple screened for lyrics and meaning prior to airing.


If you are interested in partnering with Deer Park ISD to market your company and support Deer Park Athletics, you can view the advertising opportunities in the Marking Brochure below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Deer Park ISD Athletic Department at (832) 668-7241.