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Dual Language Program Kinder Application Information

The Parent Orientation and Information meeting regarding the Kindergarten Dual Language application process will be held on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 6:00pm at the Education Support Center located at 2800 Texas Avenue, Deer Park, TX 77536. 

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will be available on April 13 and will be due by 4:00pm on April 29th. If you are unable to attend the parent orientation, parents can view a Power Point presentation in their preferred language. The links are below.

Definition of a Dual Language Program

Dual Language, also referred to as two-way immersion, is an educational model in which both native English speakers and native speakers of another language receive instruction together in both languages to promote second language acquisition, high academic achievement, and cross-cultural understanding for all students. Language learning takes place primarily through content instruction. Linguistic proficiency in both languages occurs as students develop their knowledge of subject matter through performing academic tasks.

Reminder: You should follow general Kindergarten registration procedures and have your child enrolled in their home campus.

Procedures for Entering the Dual Language Program

To enter the Dual Language Program in kindergarten:

  1. Parent/guardian attends a Dual Language Orientation. In this case reviews online information.
  2. The Dual Language Program application is completed by the parent/guardian.
  3. Parent/guardian schedules the language proficiency and academic testing of the student if the child does not attend Parkwood or ECC in Deer Park ISD. Testing will take place April/May.
  4. The student is individually administered an oral language proficiency test and a PK end of year skills test in English. The parent/guardian will not be present during testing, but the results of the test will be shared with the parent/guardian.
  5. The student must score at the Fluent English Speaker proficiency level and satisfactory on a PK skills test to be placed on the qualified list.
  6. If more students qualify as Fluent English Speaker than there is space available in the Dual Language Program, a lottery will be held.
  7. Students who are not selected to enter the program during the lottery will be placed on the waiting list.
  8. Students on the waiting list may enter the Dual Language Program during the first semester of kindergarten if space becomes available.
  9. Students may not enter the Dual Language Program after the first semester of 1st grade unless they meet the entry criteria including have some level of proficiency in Spanish, and there is available space.

The dual language program is available at San Jacinto Elementary (2 classes= 22 English speakers and 22 Spanish speakers) and one classroom at Parkwood Elementary (11 English Speakers and 11 Spanish Speakers).

The available space in the Dual Language Program in a given school year will depend on the number of siblings and students zoned to the campus who apply and meet the entrance criteria.

Kindergarten-aged siblings of students enrolled in a Dual Language Program are provided placement priority in the Dual Language Program if they meet the entry criteria. Then applicants from the zoned campus, including campus staff children. Then if there are any remaining spots available, students from other DPISD schools are admitted if they meet entry criteria. If all spots are not filled at this point, then out of district applicants will be considered if they meet entry criteria.